March 1, 2009

790 (desde Turquía)

I must confess I was two-times surprised:

1.- I received a personalized piece from Celor (my turkish excellency). "El Excelente" is the name of the fighter. I love every inch of this piece.

2.- On the number 791, "El Excelente" will meet "El Flying Burrito", from the twisted mastermind of LR (from UK). They planned this behind my back!

Oh-man, I'm not worthy. You are making this big boy cry.

Thanks, Celor!


Diantres said...

que buena! pato me puedo reservar un número también? diga la cifra y yo disparo!

Luis Sopelana said...

Chida la dupla entre Celor y El Artista Previamente Conocido Como Phil Collins.