February 28, 2009

789 (desde Australia)

The other Chris.

Believe it or not, I'm not much into web-comics. Also, I have attention deficit for real life stories. Well... after knowing the work of Chris Downes, I changed my mind.

Chris has a normal life as many of us. In Tasmania (!). But every night, at the drawing table, his life becomes his inspiration... and he stands out among the crowd. His purpose is simple yet essential: to share the tiny details that makes "the Everyday" so unique and unrepeatable.

Have a laugh, shed a tear, make a daily discovery of the adventures and misadventures of Chris & Briony in the Land of Oz. Hi Briony!
Any similarity with real characters and events, is not purely coincidental.

BTW: Chris made two comic-chronicles about his participation on this "project" and one nice color drawing. The second strip became the participation itself. Amazing. Thanks, Chris!

VISIT---------> Diary of a Work in Progress


FerGil said...

Thanks for recommending this "OTHER" Chris (I haven't got a clue who the first one is, but what the heck), I found his strip to be awesome. I love the way he finds insight and humor in the most mundane circumstances. That is truly the eye of an artist. I added it, of course, to my trusty RSS reader...

Chris @ Papertank.net said...

ha ha!
It's remarkable how similar his thought pattern was to mine...

Well done other Chris.

Christopher Downes said...

Wow. A million thanks for such a flattering review! I'm stoked.

I think I'll have to do a comic about this.

enrique said...

esa a color esta wow,

pato: has un cuadrito para mi blog!

dimensiones 8.7 por 10 cm, tema

ojala digas que si...